Slowly Figuring Things Out

I don't know much about what I'm doing, which I warn people a lot, but sometimes I find if I describe what I'm trying to do, that makes it easier for me to figure out what's working and what's not.

-I don't know if my commission prices are right. Everybody keeps telling me they're really low, and I thought they would say they were too high. Should I change my commission prices? I DON'T KNOW HALP PLZ

-Oh yeah, that's what that "work" folder in my email is for.

-Oh hey, there's a "receipts" folder, too.

-As much as it would be fun to sleep in until four pm every day, I should be posting art and finding interested buyers during the hours that Twitter is seriously busy.

-Oh, right, I need to do this for eight to ten hours six days a week with no exceptions. Right. It's actual work.

I love what I'm doing right now, I really do. I just don't totally know what I'm doing. But I'll figure it out.